Commentary on Republican Party

Unfortunately, it is not an exaggeration to say that the National Republican Party should bury its head in shame. Donald Trump is a product of the right-wing base that they have silently cultivated for years, and this Frankenstein is their creation.

Additionally, look at their continual assault on Obamacare and Planned Parenthood. Despite the fact that our new national healthcare program has provided health insurance to millions of Americans who previously couldn’t afford it, Republicans like Senator McConnell and Representative Boehner are trapped in a vortex where they exhibit no concern for the little people of this country.

The assault on Planned Parenthood is no less reprehensible, as it is a program that has been providing millions of American women health services and contraceptives that have helped them to understand what it is like to live the life of the wealthy who are contributing to Republican presidential candidates. Like it or not, Republicans seek to find a way to deny  contraceptives to the women of this country, particularly the poor, and then scream if one of them seeks an abortion. They continue to treat women as second-class citizens, and it is time that someone calls them to task.

Furthermore, instead of spending time investigating Benghazi or Planned Parenthood, why don’t they focus on the oil industry and their ability to uniformly raise the price of gasoline 20 cents a gallon at every station in this country over night? If monopolies were outlawed decades ago when the federal government succeeded in dismantling the Standard Oil Trust, why does every station act in unison when it comes to pricing? When have you heard one Republican representative question this action which is bilking every American citizen of valuable dollars? For that matter, when has a Democrat called for the heads of each oil company to appear before Congress and justify this policy?

And then you have the question of firearms, where every Republican candidate for president runs and hides. American citizens are being slaughtered in movie theaters, churches, schools and military induction centers yet nothing is done concerning the ability of nearly every American to gain access to a gun. This is as inexcusable as it is unjustified.

Put another way, if the Republican Party wants to hold ISIS out as a terrorist threat in the United States, how can they justify a policy that allows every terrorist to get an unlimited number of firearms? Simply stated, terrorism is rampant in this country and you need to look no further than the tragic fact that thousands of Americans are killed annually by other Americans. When will the Republican Party finally take a stand and stop this ongoing slaughter?

For those who are offended by the killing of that lion by an American in Africa recently, where is the outrage for killing deer on fenced in farms simply to get their antlers hung on a wall? Why does the Republican Party in Indiana want to stop the filming of actions on private farms when they know it would simply uncover the mistreatment of animals, nothing more. Why allow the renewed trapping and killing of river otters, a little animal that faced extinction by this same process years ago?

I really should focus on the issue of climate change, but why do so when the Republican Party wants to again bury its head in the sand. Temperatures are rising, icecaps are melting, water is disappearing from the American West while many wildfires burn out of control and the Republican Party responds, “So what?” Furthermore, they simply want to add to this disaster by wanting to burn more coal. Quite frankly, the only remaining valuable use for coal is to leave it in the Republican’s Christmas stockings.

Finally, why doesn’t the Republican Party admit that they are kowtowing to the medical industry by refusing to demand that Medicare cover the price of hearing aids? While millions of Americans gradually lose their hearing as they age, they have to put up with partial deafness or pay over $5000 out of their own pocket for medical help. The medical industry is making a fortune by gouging elderly Americans, and the Republican Party leads the way in turning a blind eye to the plight of average families.

Look, I know the Democratic Party has its own problems, but it is the Republican Party that continues to champion a policy where the wealthy win and middle class Americans lose. That remains shameful by any definition, and the next Democratic candidate running for the open Senate seat here in Indiana should focus on every one of these issues.