Short Commentary on Governor Pence

Gov__Pence__Syrian_refugee_rejection_a_s_0_26970199_ver1.0_640_480As I listen to Governor Pence’s argument that Indiana should reject all refugees from Syria, I am reminded of some of the low points in our country’s history.  Following our entry into World War II, our nation shamefully sent thousands of Japanese citizens to internment camps for the exact same reason that our Governor wants to ban refugees.  It was embarrassing then, and it is embarrassing now.

Additionally, we should not overlook our country’s rejection of European refugees during World War II, many of whom were Jews.  We didn’t trust them and the result was to leave them dying at Hitler’s command.

It is disturbing enough that the Governor’s approach lacks compassion, but his statement that he is doing so to protect the safety of Hoosiers is fundamentally ridiculous on its face.  As of the date of writing this letter, close to 120 Indianapolis residents have been gunned down in 2015.  Though this is close to the same number of Parisian’s slaughtered in that recent massacre, you never hear Governor Pence saying one word about protecting the lives of Hoosiers in Indianapolis.

It is almost as if he is saying that it is acceptable for Hoosiers to kill Hoosiers as long as they are not from Syria.