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Movie Commentary by Hammerle

Quite frankly, the older that one gets, the harder it is to read obituaries. While we know that our collective date with destiny comes ever closer, why punish yourself and be reminded of… Continue reading

2013 Oscars

After my pathetic performance in regard to my Oscar predictions, I feel like I deserve to be placed in one of those dunking machines at the State Fair.

Hammerle’s Final Oscar Picks – 2013

All right, it’s time to knuckle down and make a final call. To be honest, I am collapsing under the pressure, and the following includes some major changes. Regardless, you may send me… Continue reading

Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013 – Animation

Having just had the opportunity to see all five nominated films, a number of them stand out.

Commentary by Hammerle

Look, I clearly know that most of us share the same feeling about our representatives in Washington today. The mindless stance taken by so many of them has resulted in a large percentage… Continue reading

Hammerle’s Preliminary Oscar Picks – 2013

For those of us who are unapologetic movie fans, it is THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN! The Oscar awards will occur in late February, so it is time to stick our neck… Continue reading

2013 Oscar Nominations – First Look

Well, the Oscar nominations have been released, and they stimulate interest largely lacking over the past several years. I will forgive them their need to nominate Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix and Amy… Continue reading

Hammerle Oscar Nomination Commentary

As many of you know, the Oscar nominations will be announced tomorrow morning. Since shame is not one of my personal weaknesses, I care about these nominations for reasons better off not discussed.


Editor Indianapolis Star Dear Editor: To be profoundly honest, only a true believer can deny that Clint Eastwood made a total fool of himself at the Republican National Convention. He was doddering, profane… Continue reading

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