Commentary – What is Tradition?

Like it or not, the proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage in Indiana discriminates against Hoosier citizens. It is absolutely no different than when a majority of States banned interracial marriage, a hideous practice ended by the United States Supreme Court in Loving v. Virginia in 1967.

Put another way, how do you think that gay citizens view Indiana’s new advertising slogan, “Honest -to-Goodness”? How can Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann and others defend this logo with the statement, “Hospitality matters” when Hoosiers are being treated like second class citizens based solely on their sexual orientation?

Interestingly, our governor and his Republican supporters continue to justify their actions by use of the term “traditional marriage”. Accordingly, is it unfair to ask what is meant by the term “traditional”?

Bride And GroomFor example, Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormon faith, embraced polygamy as an acceptable “tradition”. More importantly in today’s world, doesn’t the Catholic Church continue to forbid divorce, finding it to lack “tradition”.

Thus, it seems readily apparent that if the governor wants to ban gay marriage in the name of “tradition”, then he must also include a ban on heterosexual divorce. After all, what is “traditional” about the unfortunate fact that conservative supporters like Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingerich have been married a combined total of 7 times?

Finally, let me ask the governor this question. If we want to embrace a President who symbolizes his definition of “traditional marriage”, who would it be, President Obama or President Reagan? Can you recall which one was divorced?