Movie Commentary

China calls, so forgive me.

While there have been a few movies that I have missed to date, namely The Lunch Box and Bad Words, my courtroom schedule combined with a bit of Spring gardening have interfered. While Winter has played havoc with everyone’s yard, I’ve tried to clean up, mulch and trim in order to prepare for the surviving perennials.

And I don’t know about you, but my rose bushes have taken a profound beating. A few have survived, and a few might, but it is beginning to look bleak for at least half of them. Since I secretly love the snow, I’m trying to view it as the expected death of good friends.

Besides, there are few things more exhilarating than to see snow flakes followed by crocuses followed by daffodils. Taken together, they reaffirm what is best about the human condition.

As to Court demands, let me simply say that among other things, I leave for Shanghai, China on Friday, April 18th, returning to Indianapolis at the end of next week. No, it is not a vacation, but a business trip where I will be meeting with a client and his colleagues who are dancing on the fringes of an investigation here in Indiana. I could gripe, but who’s to complain about being flown to Shanghai and back?

Which leaves me on the fringes of the movie scene for that period of time. Yes, there is always a chance of having some idle time to see a film in either Shanghai or LA, but we will have to wait and see.

And before you laugh, let me remind all of you that I still remember a Woody Allen film that my brother and I saw in Paris in 1974 when we were on a three-week lark with a Eurail Pass and using Frommer’s Europe on $10 a Day. Our principal purpose on this trip was to stumble in to the Oktoberfest in Munich, which we did at significant cost to our physical well-being.

We covered a great part of Europe, which included ending up in Paris for a few days. Since our bodies could not tolerate any more alcohol (or at least a lot of it), I spotted a movie theater playing a Woody Allen film. My brother was reluctant, but I talked him in to the experience.

The thing I remember most is that the film was in English with French subtitles. The amusing thing was that when we laughed, the French audience laughed moments later when they read the print. It became quite funny, and they simply ended up laughing when we did although they didn’t know why.

The same thing may happen in Shanghai, so who knows? As it stands, Johnny Depp’s new film, Transcendence, starts Friday, and the previews strongly suggest that it could be literally “mind-blowing”. It also stars Rebecca Hall, who was superb in her last film, Closed Circuit.

So see what you can, and I’ll do my best to catch up quickly.