Parker is a wild thrill ride with far more surprises than disappointments. Sure it is violent as hell, but it is an entertaining adventure. Rating: While it is another one of those films… Continue reading

Frankenweenie (2012)

It is not likely to win an Oscar, although it is wonderful that it was nominated. It deserved it. Rating: Can be seen anywhere (I saw it at home), but is likely to… Continue reading

Zero Dark Thirty

Director Bigelow’s excellent saga about the quest to kill Bin Laden tells a larger story. Can we honor the dead of 9/11 by copying the moral depravity of their killers? Rating: Can be… Continue reading

Rust and Bone

Who could ever fault a film involving extremely sensuous sexual encounters by a double amputee? Rating: Can be seen in or out of the theater, but remember it is in French with English… Continue reading

Hammerle’s Preliminary Oscar Picks – 2013

For those of us who are unapologetic movie fans, it is THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN! The Oscar awards will occur in late February, so it is time to stick our neck… Continue reading

Broken City

On seeing this film, I was reminded of the alleged inscription on W.C. Fields’ tombstone, “What a waste of time and money.”; Rating: If you see this film, remember to sing the old… Continue reading


There will be criticism, but it is admittedly original, sensitive, thoughtful and profoundly scary. It makes you remember your ultimate fear of ghosts as a child, “What if they are real?” Rating: Can… Continue reading

The Impossible

Imagine your most exotic vacation interrupted by a tidal wave that swept you and your family into a nightmare. Would others pay to watch the monumental struggles of your family to survive? Your… Continue reading

Not Fade Away (2012)

Sometimes truly sensational movies largely go unnoticed. This is a film of joyful importance, so see it. Rating: Can be seen anywhere, particularly if you have a great sound system. Regardless, hunt down… Continue reading

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