Identity Thief

I haven’t liked something that was so fundamentally flawed since I was forced to back Hubert Humphrey for President in 1968. Rating: While it is one of those films that can be seen… Continue reading

Side Effects (2013)

If you are taking any type of medication for depression, don’t use a sharp knife to chop up a salad if standing near a spouse. Rating: Though it matters not where or when… Continue reading

Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013 – Animation

Having just had the opportunity to see all five nominated films, a number of them stand out.

Commentary by Hammerle

Look, I clearly know that most of us share the same feeling about our representatives in Washington today. The mindless stance taken by so many of them has resulted in a large percentage… Continue reading

Quartet (2012)

Both The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Quartet teach simple lessons. Life is all about the ride, so why quit hunting for an adventure when you turn 70? Rating: Can be seen on… Continue reading

A Royal Affair

This is a radiant film that blends intelligence, sex and power. Good guys may die hard, but it still amounts to a noble ride. Rating: See it on a big screen, as it… Continue reading

Warm Bodies

My grandson, Conner, and I decided to tell my foreign exchange student, Thamer, to see this film. In helping him adjust to American girls from his Saudi experience, impersonating a loving zombie may… Continue reading

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

If Hansel and Gretel would have realized who their mother was, Hansel would never have said, “The only good witch is a dead witch.” Rating: Really should be seen in a movie theater… Continue reading

Hyde Park on Hudson

FDR was a great President, but he wasn’t a great man. On the other hand, who can really find fault with anyone in that era who bravely overcame his affliction of polio. Rating:… Continue reading

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