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Please be warned. No vulgarity, just a love story involving an alcoholic, lost teacher and an arthritic painter. Interested?

The Fault in Our Stars

As a close friend is dying, think of your last words being the following: “Remember that I will always have you in my heart, okay?” That’s the question, with the answer being, “OKAY.”;


The only thing of note I took from Maleficent is how to pronounce the name. For those interested, it is “mal-EF-uh-sent”.

Only Lovers Left Alive

 Is eternal life a blessing when you have to repeatedly embrace the collective ignorance of mankind?

The Lunchbox

This is a tiny movie that reminds everyone that love is often found as a result of happy accidents.

About Last Night

This film does teach a profound lesson. Never smoke pot when preparing a Thanksgiving Dinner. Never!

Winter’s Tale

While this film will soon be forgotten, it has the greatest magical white horse since the one that appeared in Mike Newell’s classic Into the West (1992).

Enough Said

An accurate review of this film could have simply said, “I really didn’t like it, enough said”.

The Invisible Woman

What if the cost of being madly in love forced you to hide in a public closet as if you didn’t exist?

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