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The Diary of a Teenage Girl

If you want to see a film focusing on the emotional trauma of a teenage girl, then leave this movie in the gutter and re-watch the classic Inside Out.

Paper Towns and Heaven Knows What

Unless you have a hidden desire to be bored to death, I would strong advise you to avoid both of these films.


Some fables are worth re-telling.  Cinderella is an adult love story masquerading as entertainment for children.

Fifty Shades of Grey

A perfect weekend for its release. The original victims of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre died more peacefully than the audience.

Inherent Vice

Anyone claiming to like this cinematic disaster should be exempt from spending eternity in Hell. Why would the Devil want to ruin his mood and have you hanging around?

The Theory of Everything

Of all Stephen Hawking’s accomplishments, nothing is more commendable than the magic involved in his divorce. When is that ever said?


Maybe I’m a bit emotionally weak, but if you were a single father with a high school daughter, who wouldn’t want Ms. Knightley showing up as a house guest?

Magic in the Moonlight

If Woody Allen can continue to work and receive praise in the United States, why can’t Roman Polanski?

Obvious Child

Jenny Slate joins Melissa McCarthy and Jillian Bell as one of the funniest actors on the big screen.

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