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Love, Simon

I wish this film was required viewing in all high school sex education classes.

The Greatest Showman Re-reviewed

When I first reviewed The Greatest Showman, I said that while it was not a great movie, it did provide great entertainment. I was wrong.

Call Me By Your Name

A powerful love story that will be a turnoff for many. Those are the very people who should see it.

Phantom Thread

If your favorite pastime is to experience two hours of boredom, then this film is your cinematic cup of tea.

The Shape of Water

Whatever your reaction, this is a unique and creative film.


This is a heartbreaking, inspiring love story. It won’t last long on the big screen, so keep it in mind.

Rebel in the Rye

This is a movie that you should keep on your radar screen.

Viceroy’s House

Sometimes all but ignored films provide a history lesson that deserves to be seen and remembered.

Lady Macbeth

If Charlize Theron’s Atomic Blonde met Florence Pugh’s Lady Macbeth, it would be interesting to see who would come out alive.

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