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Knight of Cups

Okay, okay, I did swallow my pride and go see a horrible film. It’s an addiction, so pray for me.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Aren’t you curious why women love this film?

45 Years

A beguiling film about love, commitment and heartbreak. In other words, a glimpse into a tiny corner of many marriages.


This film may qualify as one of the worst movies to be nominated for an Oscar. See it and tell me if you disagree.


Life confuses everyone in this film. But they are so pedestrian that it’s impossible to care about the outcome.

The Danish Girl

Wouldn’t life be colossally better if we all adopted the mantra, “Live and let live”?


Saoirse Ronan gives one of the most captivating performances you will see in 2015.

Crimson Peak

The only award this film is likely to win is a Razzie for one of the worst films of 2015.


Indiana Governor Mike Pence would hate this movie, which is all the more reason to see it.

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