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Free State of Jones

This film would be perfect to use at history seminars in public schools around our nation.

Elvis & Nixon

Here is a film that recreates a moment in history that will defy your expectations from beginning to end.

The Finest Hours

The title of this lackluster film does not describe the feeling you are left with when leaving the theater.


Many women in the theater loudly applauded when this film ended. Want to find out why?


Each Catholic Mass should begin with the Latin phrase, “Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa”.

The 33

I wish Hollywood would remember the importance of bringing non-fiction to the screen.

Bridge of Spies

Who protects American freedoms more than criminal defense lawyers who put the government to its proof at trial?


It is hard not to care for a group of climbers who die, even though they all paid a fortune for a chance at fame.

Best of Enemies

Like it or not, there is nothing fair or balanced about television news today, which is but one reason why this documentary has to be seen.

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