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Rating: Dark, violent and extraordinarily sexy, Ms. Arterton and Ms. Ronan make compelling vampires.

Much Ado About Nothing (2013)

Rating: Shakespeare knew that love is indeed a many splendored thing despite its journey down some confusing, winding roads.

White House Down

Rating: Should have been titled “White House Down the Drain”.

World War Z

Rating: World War Z is as pretty as a picture. Come to think of it, it is a picture.

Before Midnight

Rating: When this film is recognized at Oscar time, don’t be one of those movie fans who says, “Was it really that good?”;

The East

Rating: How can domestic terrorists be the good guys? See The East and find out.

At Any Price

Rating: The title of this film should have been “To Be Avoided At Any Price.”;

Kon-Tiki (2012)

Rating: Yes, though Kon-Tiki is a foreign film, 90% of it is in English. Don’t ask me to explain.

Frances Ha

Rating: This is a movie that every woman should see who remembers the thrill and torment of being 27.

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