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Short Term 12

Rating: This is a film about helping young people too damaged to help themselves. Government has to play a role in that process, and any Tea Party opponents should be ashamed.

The Grandmaster

Rating: A story reliving the majesty of martial-arts while looking at the tragedy that befell China both before and after the Japanese invasion from 1938 through 1945.

The Spectacular Now

Rating: Shallene Woodley is as unforgettable here as she was in Alexander Payne’s The Descendants (2011), and she reminds everyone that the key to being 18 is not to lose focus.

Lee Daniels’ The Butler

Rating: How can we criticize anyone in the world with our brutal history of racial prejudice in our own country?

Blue Jasmine

Rating: Blue Jasmine is a film that treats human depression as an attribute. While there is no one you will like, did I say there are some spectacular performances?


Rating: Elysium takes us to a future that everyone should see, not the least of whom are conservative Republicans. Do they dare see where we’re heading?

2 Guns

Rating: Sooner or later, Hollywood has to learn that even Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg cannot turn artistic shit into cinematic Shinola.

Fruitvale Station

Rating: Octavia Spencer plays a broken hearted mother that every criminal defense attorney sees numerous times crying in a courtroom every day. They deserve better, and so do we.

The Way Way Back

Rating: This is a movie that shines in the same spirit as its ancestor, Little Miss Sunshine. If you loved that one, then you can’t miss this film that again dances with cinematic… Continue reading

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