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Only the Brave

You know how it is going to end, leaving most of you reduced to tears. But you really should see it anyway.


This is a heartbreaking, inspiring love story. It won’t last long on the big screen, so keep it in mind.

Professor Marston & the Wonder Women

This film gives dignity to a ménage a trois. Interested?


This is a film that makes me proud to be both a criminal trial lawyer and a fan of the movies.

Battle of the Sexes

Any of you bothered by the sad fact that men continue to dominate both Congress and the Supreme Court?

Victoria and Abdul

If this would prove to be Judi Dench’s last film, she would bow out as nobly as Burt Lancaster when he entered the cornfield in Field of Dreams. (1989)

Rebel in the Rye

This is a movie that you should keep on your radar screen.

Viceroy’s House

Sometimes all but ignored films provide a history lesson that deserves to be seen and remembered.


I truly wish that this creative little cinematic masterpiece could follow The Big Sick and find a wider release.

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