The Last Black Man in San Francisco

Unfortunately, this is a critically praised film that becomes an monumental ordeal to endure.

The Last Black Man in San FranciscoAs noted, most critics stumble over themselves to praise this film. I am not one of them. Thought the premise is supposed to encompass the history of race in the San Francisco Bay area, it becomes a film where most of you will constantly be thinking: “When will this blasted thing end?”

In a quick summary, Jimmie Fails plays a black resident of San Francisco of the same name who seeks to take possession of a wonderful old home that he lived in as a child. Conflicts develop that complicate his life, and his reaction amounts to little more than lengthy dull stares into the San Francisco skyline.

Look, I’m well aware that Hollywood has been trying to rectify a long history of ignoring racial themes. However, while I remain a great fan of recent films like last year’s Oscar-winning Green Book, Spike Lee’s BlacKKKlansman, The Hate U Give, and Sorry to Bother You, this is a film that falls far short of rising to their level.

Let me close with a comment that I couldn’t help but feel that this film gained undeserving praise in the same fashion as Moonlight, which won the Oscar in 2017. While Moonlight was good but not great, this film amounts to little more than a picture that you want to like for noble reasons.

Unfortunately, it also helps when a film with noble aspirations remembers to be entertaining.