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The Maze Runner

There are few things more delightful in the cinema than to go expecting very little only to be stunned by a film’s quality.

The Giver

This is a film that could be the worst movie of the year. It is a mess from beginning to end.

Guardians of the Galaxy

If you doubt my review, ask why all audience members express complete joy after seeing this film.


While the movie contains some good punches, it eventually fizzles out.

Snowpiercer (Preliminary Review)

The article I have included from Entertainment Weekly says it all. It is a dark, penetrating thriller with futuristic ramifications.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

This is a poignant, powerful film that will both surprise and impress you.

Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow is a horrible title for a pretty good film.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Though I have never been a President Nixon fan, I didn’t know that he nearly led the world into annihilation.


In many ways, Godzilla is the functional equivalent of King Kong. Something unidentifiable connects both to humans.

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