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You’re Next

Rating: You really need to stick around to the crazed ending of this surprisingly entertaining Gothic horror fest.

The World’s End

Rating: Joins The Way, Way Back as one of the best movies of the Summer. These boys live by the pledge, “Stay thirsty, my friends.”;

The Spectacular Now

Rating: Shallene Woodley is as unforgettable here as she was in Alexander Payne’s The Descendants (2011), and she reminds everyone that the key to being 18 is not to lose focus.

In a World…

Rating: Carol is a striver who won’t be dismissed because she’s “only a girl”. What’s the next chauvinist’s nightmare, Hillary Rodham Clinton for President?

We’re the Millers

Rating: I took Thamer, my 21-year old Saudi exchange student, along with me, and he laughed throughout the film. When in doubt, young men make wonderful spare tires.

The To Do List

Rating: If I was a college president, I would require all incoming girls to see this film before beginning their freshman year.

2 Guns

Rating: Sooner or later, Hollywood has to learn that even Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg cannot turn artistic shit into cinematic Shinola.

I’m So Excited

Rating: Almodovar’s film is about sex in all of its delightful permutations. No one in their right mind should want to see it, and the rest of you should.

The Way Way Back

Rating: This is a movie that shines in the same spirit as its ancestor, Little Miss Sunshine. If you loved that one, then you can’t miss this film that again dances with cinematic… Continue reading

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