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Much Ado About Nothing (2013)

Rating: Shakespeare knew that love is indeed a many splendored thing despite its journey down some confusing, winding roads.

The Heat

Rating: Isn’t vulgarity a priceless work of art if done with energy and style?

Frances Ha

Rating: This is a movie that every woman should see who remembers the thrill and torment of being 27.

The Angels’ Share

When I saw the previews for Director Ken Loach’s new film, The Angels’ Share, I was concerned about missing out on much of the dialogue. Taking place in Glasgow, Scotland, it is a… Continue reading

The Sapphires

You will be singing the praises of this wonderful experience on multiple levels. See it with a group of strangers in the theater and count your cinematic blessings.

Spring Breakers

This is not just a bad film, but a reprehensible one. It gives the phrase “soft porn” a bad name.

Stand Up Guys

Simply stated, don’t pass up the extraordinary pleasure of seeing Al Pacino and Christopher Walken embrace their roles as gentlemen walking into the sunset. Which is a reminder to hunt down Mr. Walken… Continue reading

Identity Thief

I haven’t liked something that was so fundamentally flawed since I was forced to back Hubert Humphrey for President in 1968. Rating: While it is one of those films that can be seen… Continue reading

Quartet (2012)

Both The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Quartet teach simple lessons. Life is all about the ride, so why quit hunting for an adventure when you turn 70? Rating: Can be seen on… Continue reading

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