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Lee Daniels’ The Butler

Rating: How can we criticize anyone in the world with our brutal history of racial prejudice in our own country?

Fruitvale Station

Rating: Octavia Spencer plays a broken hearted mother that every criminal defense attorney sees numerous times crying in a courtroom every day. They deserve better, and so do we.

Kon-Tiki (2012)

Rating: Yes, though Kon-Tiki is a foreign film, 90% of it is in English. Don’t ask me to explain.

The Sapphires

You will be singing the praises of this wonderful experience on multiple levels. See it with a group of strangers in the theater and count your cinematic blessings.


Rating: Assume Martin Luther King could run, steal second and hit homers, and you have Jackie Robinson.

Hyde Park on Hudson

FDR was a great President, but he wasn’t a great man. On the other hand, who can really find fault with anyone in that era who bravely overcame his affliction of polio. Rating:… Continue reading


Director Sasha Gervasi’s Hitchcock is a cinematic lesson as to why certain good movies center on thought as much as emotion. Every now and then a director remembers that there are adults in… Continue reading


An historical drama that is as entertaining as it is educationally rewarding. Should be required viewing in all history classes across this nation.

The Sessions

Who could possibly find fault with a man confined by night in an iron lung having sex with Helen Hunt?

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