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American Sniper Revisited

Though I still stand on my initial review of American Sniper, the movie has produced a rather lamentable attack on its critics.

American Sniper

This is a film about a war with no purpose where many surviving veterans come back emotionally scarred. If our government won’t fund the VA to help them, who will?


Racism was alive and well in 1964, and it is foolish to suggest that it has disappeared today.


Is it acceptable to condemn Japanese treatment of POWs in World War II and ignore our country’s use of torture in the last 15 years?

Big Eyes

Given the very funny court scene that wraps up a movie devoid of humor, this is a film trial lawyers will love.

The Imitation Game

It is time we recognize the profound harm that we continue to inflict on our own citizens, particularly homosexuals.


Wild is a movie that is woefully overpraised. It centers on an arrogant, dismal character who will be quickly forgotten.


Rosewater is an intriguing documentary hindered by the sad fact that it is not a documentary.

The Theory of Everything

Of all Stephen Hawking’s accomplishments, nothing is more commendable than the magic involved in his divorce. When is that ever said?

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