Scream VI

A surprisingly entertaining horror film. It earns its R rating, so be prepared.

Scream VI

As I watched this film which contains a great deal of bloody human slashings, I kept wishing that it involved 80 For Brady and Cocaine Bear. It was disappointing that Brady didn’t get stabbed by the bear. They both would have been better movies.

Then again, this movie would have even rewarded you cynics. Several survivors of Ghostface’s murderous rampage in Woodsboro have fled to New York. Led by the Carpenter sisters, Sam (Melissa Barrera) and Tara (Jenna Ortega), they join a group that discovers that Ghostface likes New York.

Ghostface is everywhere, stabbing and killing at random. Courtney Cox, the only actor from the original Scream films, reappears as Gale Weathers, a writer seeking to help Sam and Tara, Ghostface’s principal targets. Without saying more, don’t count on seeing Ms. Cox in Scream 7!

There are several good actors appearing in this nasty film, and they contribute to its impact. But it is the fine performances of Ms. Barrera and Ms. Ortega that define the captivating impact of this movie.

How on earth is it possible to like a film where everyone, and I mean everyone, ends up stabbed and bloody if not dead. Swallow your doubt and see it.