The Lost King

If you, like me, are historians at heart, this film will be right up your alley.

The Lost King

I majored in history in college because it never bored me. In particular, I loved accounts tracing the history of western civilization from the time of Columbus. This film focuses on the largely forgotten English King Richard III, who lasted from 1483 to 1485.

The film centers on Philippa Langley in 2012. Played by the immensely talented Sally Hawkins, this is a true story based on Ms. Langley’s attempt to find missing remains of Richard III. She is an amateur historian, and she is inspired by a pamphlet she reads in a coffee shop.

The film follows her journey as she, as a private citizen, uses donations to sponsor an archaeological dig in a car park in Leicester, England, hoping to find Richard III’s grave. Incredibly, they find his skeletal remains on the first day of the dig.

What adds some whimsical details to the movie is the fact that Steve Coogan was the co-producer and screenwriter. Also, appearing as Ms. Langley’s distant husband, he and their two young sons left the movie audience repeatedly laughing as they were forced to tolerate “Mom’s” emotional ups and downs.

In addition, adding to her increasing emotional struggle is the fact that the King (Harry Lloyd) stalks Philippa as an apparition. Appearing only to her with a purple cape and crown, she feels that he is beseeching her to find his grave. It may sound a bit silly, but Ms. Hawkins continually holds your attention. You understood why she took medication!