The Whale

There is simply no definable reason why Brendan Fraser won a best actor Oscar for this tedious film.

The Whale

Fraser’s Oscar is another reason why I hated this year’s Oscars. He plays a 600-pound semi-invalid man living alone in an Idaho apartment. To make matters worse, the entire film takes place in that miserable setting.

Announcing he was gay, Fraser abandoned his wife and 8-year-old daughter nine years before the film began. Visited throughout the film by both of them, they hated him for good reason.

Fraser’s response is to devour volumes of food as he languishes on his couch. His health leaves him on the edge of death as he refuses medical treatment.

And there you have the entire movie. It is morbid beyond words. While Frasier seeks to reconnect with his daughter Ellie, Sadie Sink, he has little success given that she portrays as a teenage hateful witch.

Let me say that the only likeable character in the film is played by Hong Chau. A sister to Frasier’s late partner, she does a fine job trying to make him address his medical deterioration.

Regardless, this is one of the most boring films I have seen in years. A rotund fat man who wants to eat himself to death has become an Oscar winner. Sad but true!