Crimson Peak

The only award this film is likely to win is a Razzie for one of the worst films of 2015.

Crimson PeakDirector Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak has absolutely nothing going for it other than its splendid sets and cinematography. It is foolish, dull and boring from beginning to end, and you literally don’t care who lives and who dies.

While this is promoted as a horror film, it is really little more than an incestuous murder mystery. Yes, you do see ghosts interacting from childhood with the principal character played by the talented Mia Wasikowska, but they do little more than scare her while annoying the audience.

Mr. del Toro cannot be very proud of this film, nor can the very talented cast. Ms. Wasikowska plays Edith Cushing, a resident of Buffalo, New York, who, against her father’s (Jim Beaver) advice marries a strange Englishmen played by Tom Hiddleston. As ridiculous as it seems, the young couple is quickly off to old England after burying her father who suddenly is found brutally murdered.

It is quite impossible to give away any of the plot, as there simply isn’t much to give away. Mr. Hiddleston, known as Thomas Sharpe, lives in a decrepit mansion with his sister Lucille, played by the hardworking Jessica Chastain who seems to appear in every other movie released over the past two years.

Why the lovely Ms. Cushing decided to stick around for one minute after seeing this mansion was hard to believe. Let me simply say that there was a large hole in the roof that allowed leaves, rain and snow constantly to fall throughout this hideous establishment, and you could do little more than shake your head at the woeful ignorance displayed by most of the characters.

Let me suggest that if you really want to see Ms. Wasikowska in some talented films, then go hunt her down in Alice in Wonderland (2010), Lawless (2012) and Tracks (2013). As for Ms. Chastain, leave this film alone and make sure you see her excellent role as the NASA satellite commander in The Martian.

Finally, I have come to admire the talents of Mr. Hiddleston, so let this movie die a natural cinematic death and take the time to see his splendid performances in both Thor (2011 and 2013) and The Avengers (2012) where he plays the devious and very funny Loki. Any of these films will help you forget that you ever paid to see Crimson Peak, and I’m sure Loki would appreciate your kindness and good judgment.