Rating: Assume Martin Luther King could run, steal second and hit homers, and you have Jackie Robinson.

Ginger & Rosa

When you are asked by a friend for your opinion on this film, you are likely to respond in words to the effect, “I don’t know if I found it really entertaining, but… Continue reading

Movie Commentary by Hammerle

Quite frankly, the older that one gets, the harder it is to read obituaries. While we know that our collective date with destiny comes ever closer, why punish yourself and be reminded of… Continue reading

Olympus Has Fallen

Rating: The real pity of this film is that nearly everyone died but Gerard Butler.

Spring Breakers

This is not just a bad film, but a reprehensible one. It gives the phrase “soft porn” a bad name.


Rating: Bram Stoker wrote the horror classic “Dracula” in 1897. We may not have vampires in this film, but we clearly have some of his relatives.

The Gatekeepers

Rating: Provides startling insight into the quest of Israel and Palestine to find peace.

Dead Man Down

While horribly violent, Dead Man Down is a semi-interesting film about tormented souls getting even with thugs who deserve to die by their own rule book.

West of Memphis

When you see this film you will be reminded that fundamental fairness disappears when Lady Justice peeks under her blindfold.