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Commentary on the Importance of Adventure

One of the down sides to the aging process is the tendency to exclude adventure from our lives.

20th Century Women

Fortunately, Ms. Benning is worth watching in an average film. I simply wanted this movie to be better than it was.

Hidden Figures

Women of any color will love this movie.


Watch the ending credits where you’ll see the actual people played out on the screen. It will remind you of the heartwarming moment previously seen in the Queen of Katwe.

American Honey

This film lasted 2 hours and 43 minutes. Enough said.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

I admit that I love Eva Green, and I don’t care if she is a heroine or villainess.


Unless the purpose of a film is to demean the audience, I suggest that you leave this movie for angst ridden teenagers wrestling to find meaning in life.


How many comic strips are left to love?

Short Commentary on Governor Pence

As I listen to Governor Pence’s argument that Indiana should reject all refugees from Syria, I am reminded of some of the low points in our country’s history.

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