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Captain Phillips

Rating: Whatever your feelings are about this film, let me warn you if you are prone to sea sickness. If so, I’d save your popcorn bag after you finish it.

The Family

Rating: Imagine TV’s legendary Rob and Laura Petrie as a vicious mob couple now in the witness protection program. What if Rob had killed Carl Reiner simply because he couldn’t stand his officious… Continue reading


Rating: Given its scaled down cinematography and an amusingly horny script, the fun flowing from this film is likely to surprise you.

The Grandmaster

Rating: A story reliving the majesty of martial-arts while looking at the tragedy that befell China both before and after the Japanese invasion from 1938 through 1945.

The World’s End

Rating: Joins The Way, Way Back as one of the best movies of the Summer. These boys live by the pledge, “Stay thirsty, my friends.”;


Rating: Elysium takes us to a future that everyone should see, not the least of whom are conservative Republicans. Do they dare see where we’re heading?

2 Guns

Rating: Sooner or later, Hollywood has to learn that even Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg cannot turn artistic shit into cinematic Shinola.

The Wolverine

Rating: Who else but Hugh Jackman could drift from playing the Wolverine to hosting the Oscars in 2009? Come on, aren’t you a bit curious?

Man of Steel

Rating: Though it has its moments, I was begging for John Wayne to reappear and utter his famous line to a preacher who droned on in The Searchers (1956), “Put an Amen on… Continue reading

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