A fascinating horror film that will hold your attention from beginning to end.


January and February are a down time at the movie theater. While most Oscar hopefuls have been released before Christmas, I have long felt that movie studios release a hand full of films after the first of the year to try and salvage a few box office dollars.

Every now and then a horror film will sneak in that deserves to be seen. M3GAN is one of them. Well-acted and widely inventive, it has an intellectual element seldom seen in such films.

Here we have Cady (Violet McGraw), a young girl whose parents were killed in a traffic accident. She is sent to live with Gemma (Allison Williams), her single aunt who is a brilliant roboticist. She produces M3GAN, a life like doll who is designed to be lonely Cady’s companion.

The film, directed by Gerard Johnstone and produced by Blumhouse Productions, follows M3GAN as she develops unexpected talents and skills. She goes from Cady’s friend and teacher to a protector with dire consequences.

M3GAN is a cute doll that grows to emulate humans. Aunt Gemma watches her invention, destined to sell for millions on the open market, become a beautiful hound from the bowels of hell.

This movie has a violent ending that left me peeking through my nearly blind left eye. But I will admit that I was smiling as I left the theater.