An interesting horror film with plot twists that will surprise you.


A young woman (Georgina Campbell) rents an Airbnb in a decaying section of Detroit to have a job interview. She discovers that a polite gentleman (Bill Skarsgård) has already rented it and they are forced to adjust to accommodate each other.

After hearing unknown sounds, Skarsgård descends some steep stairs to a dark basement only to disappear. The same thing happens to Ms. Campbell. What is going on?

Subsequently, the owner of the house, Justin Long, arrives from California to sell it. On the verge of losing his job, he needs to raise some cash. The trouble is he ventures to the basement to inspect the property and to use an old phrase, “Something wicked this way comes”.

While I can’t tell you what lurks in sections of the basement, let me just say that it is a partially nude old woman trying to treat her “guests” as children. The film explodes in terror as it approaches an ending that will leave you both horrified and smiling.

All of the performances are superb, and you will remember Mr. Skarsgård from his chilling performances as the monster in It (2017) and It Chapter Two (2019). This talented actor captures your attention, and it doesn’t matter if he is a nice guy or a chilling soul from the underworld.

Let me finish by saying that there are sub-plots that gives this little film some creative energy not seen often in a horror movie. While it left me frequently peeking through my fingers as I covered my eyes, solid horror movies involve a good time as they scare you to the edge of death.