The best action film of 2020.


Quite frankly, I do not care what various critics have said as I liked this film from beginning to end.  How can you not embrace a movie that focuses on women being treated as second class citizens only to have one emerge as a warrior.

Unlike its animated predecessors that appeared in 1998 and 2004, this is a live action film.  Set centuries ago in China, a male member from every family is asked to volunteer for military service to save the Emperor from an invading throng of nasty insurgents.

Mulan and her sister have no brothers, so she dresses and acts like a man to save an aging father from certain death.  What follows is a compelling story filled with great special effects that follow Mulan’s rise to hero status until she reveals herself as a woman for reasons I will not give away.

There are a number of great performances, beginning with Liu Yifei as Mulan. She is convincing at every turn, whether in battle or trying to figure out how to shower while housed with a group of men.

While Tzi Ma is delightful in a role as Mulan’s loving father as is Jet Li as the Emperor, the two villains played by Jason Scott Lee and Gong Li elevate this film with convincing performances.  In particular, Ms. Gong captures your attention as a dangerous which whose powers include transforming into a hawk to allow speedy travel.

In any event, hunt down this film on Disney+ and you will not be disappointed.  Kids of any age will enjoy it also.