Wonder Woman 1984

The worst action film of 2020.

Let me be short and to the point.  While I truly enjoyed the first Wonder Woman (2017), this one was an agonizing experience.  Its only possible benefit was its length of 2 ½ hours.  If you were on your death bed, it would feel like years were added to your life!

Gal Gadot goes nowhere in this boring film.  Watching her reunite with her dead husband (Chris Pine in a role where you suspect he wishes he were still dead) goes slowly nowhere. Kristen Wiig’s performance of the villain Cheetah looks like a bad SNL skit.

However, the film sunk under its own weight with its concentration on Pedro Pascal as the movie’s principal villain Maxwell Lord.  Your hatred of him as he tried to control the world destroyed the repetitive special effects.

If you decide to see this mess on HBO, knock down a few tranquilizers. You will need them.