The Pandemic

COVID-19_this_oneWhile I fully understand why the movie theaters are closed, it would be absurd for even a movie fan like me to complain.  Good grief, the virus has had devastating consequences for millions of our fellow citizens.
People are losing their jobs and wonder what waits down the road even if they stay healthy.  The stock market crashes and history students like myself are reminded of 1929 and the depression that followed.  Social activities have nearly disappeared with the closing of bars, restaurants, stage plays, and vacation travel.
Prom dresses and graduation plans for high school seniors like my granddaughter evaporate like a cloud of dust.  Interaction with the people I have met over the years at movie theaters, Starbucks, court rooms, end without a chance to say “good luck, I’ll miss all of you.”
Yet, like many I refuse to concede defeat.  I’m fortunate to be able to go to my office each morning for a few hours.  I then head home where I can make sure my vegetable and flower beds are ready for spring planting.   Rather than pout, I also use the extra time to keep my bird feeders full.
Monica is a great cook, and with her working from home she has prepared some great meals that had been in hiding.   On top of that, I have embraced the time at home to read Sapiens by Yuval Harari, Washington’s End by Jonathan Horn, and Operation Chastise by Max Hastings.
So what is going to happen to us?  If we are like dinosaurs awaiting extinction, then I choose to be like the guys playing musical instruments on the Titanic as it sank.  My only demand would be to have several bottles of good wine handy.