The Rhythm Section

Not a bad movie if you are bored and left with nothing else to do.

The Rhythm SectionAs an actress, Blake Lively reminds me of Lucille Ball’s description of her movie career before becoming a TV star. She lamented that she was limited to a string of B movies and Ms. Lively appears stuck in that same category. Think of her swimming in shark infested waters in The Shallows (2016) and I will say no more.

In this movie, she plays Stephanie Patrick, a depressed alcoholic left in agony over the death of her family in a plane crash. However, when she discovers that a terrorist attack was involved she mutates into a female Rambo to kill those responsible.

Helped by a CIA operative played with little energy by Jude Law, Ms. Lively admittedly brings some energy to her role though it is hard to understand her quick transformation. After all, what would it really take for a drunken Mr. Rogers to mutate into James Bond?

Just keep in mind that it is not the worst movie you will ever see.