Commentary on Indianapolis Gun Violence

While we worry about the Chinese virus finding its way to our country, another “virus” is already killing multiple people in Indianapolis. Known as the “Smith & Wesson Virus” (in layman’s terms), it is called gun deaths.

While police express outrage, ministers sermonize and politicians pontificate their concern, no one does anything to curb access to guns. Doesn’t it bother anyone that the NRA and its supporters stand silently by as they quietly chant, “Don’t worry, be happy”?

The bottom line is that we will continue to see morning TV shows report the latest victims of gun violence until we ban all guns from major metropolitan areas like our city. Marshall Virgil Earp instituted a gun control law in Tombstone in 1881, an action adopted in the famous TV series “Gunsmoke” by Ms. Kitty where she did not allow guns in her Dodge City Long Branch Saloon. We should follow their lead if we are to preserve the lives of all Indianapolis residents.

The “Smith & Wesson Virus” will continue to spread and kill until a political leader has the courage to vaccinate Marion County citizens by eliminating firearms. There is no other cure, and we all know it.