Frozen II

This is a billon dollar box office smash for a very good reason.

Frozen IIGiven that I saw Frozen II several weeks ago, I thought it was time to send you a review that will surprise no one. This is a great film, animated or not, and it is hard to imagine that it will fail to defeat the challenges of How to Train Your Dragon and Abominable to win this year’s Oscar.

Most of you know the basic story, so I will spare you anything but a brief analysis. Elsa (Idina Menzel) and her sister Anna (Kristen Bell) are off on a new adventure with friends, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven. With the hope of saving Arendelle, their home country, from destruction, they venture into an unknown enchanted forest to seek answers.

Having seen this movie alone, I can assure you that it is as much an adult film as a child’s. Though the cinematography is beautiful at every turn, it has a passion that will both inspire you and break your heart. This is a film with an emotional force that cannot be ignored, so do yourself a favor and see it before it finally leaves the theater.

They again, given its immense popularity, this movie is likely to be around in the theater for a long time. Besides, you will love the music.