Dark Waters

This is a film about trial lawyers for trial lawyers.

Dark WatersBased on a true story that took place in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dark Waters describes how a partner in a major law firm risks his career to represent a poor farmer who has to challenge a major national corporation. Incredibly, it appears that DuPont has hidden the poisonous side effects flowing from the manufacturing process in making Teflon, resulting in billion dollar profits that hide the horrible consequences to pregnant female employees and farmers suffering the consequences of trying to survive next to gigantic landfills as water runoff kills their cattle.

Here, Mark Ruffalo plays a lawyer who must decide the meaning of his profession. How do you help the little guy when members of your own firm don’t want to risk alienating wealthy, influential industrial powers with links to their firm.

Why can’t we swim in the White River? Why did large cigarette companies make a fortune causing cancer to infect millions of U.S. citizens? Why do drug companies escape prosecution manufacturing drugs that are killing another large segment of our population? How can Indianapolis build a new courthouse and jail on property so toxic that residential housing is forbidden?

See this movie where you can admire an attorney with the courage to take a stand.