A Commentary on Donald Trump and the Republican Party

U.S. President Trump smiles during the introduction of his DHS nominee Nielsen at the White House in WashingtonWhat we are witnessing under the Trump administration is the dumbing down of America. He and his supporters continue to stoke the flames of hatred, giving a rebirth to racism and bigotry.

To begin with, it is appalling that Trump’s supporters don’t demand something more honorable out of our President. When have we ever had a President of either party who insults and mocks everyone? Put another way, if Trump loyalists turn a blind eye to this continual disgusting conduct how can they ever criticize any future president, Democrat or Republican, who follows in this condemnable path?

Look how he continually mocks Special Counsel Robert Mueller. When will any Republican stand up and praise this dedicated attorney who found a way to serve in Vietnam while our President faked bone spurs to avoid the draft? When Trump recently fled Hanoi after his failed meeting with the leader of North Korea, I was waiting for him to claim that his bone spurs were acting up again.

And why won’t every conservative supporter of Trump demand that he release his tax returns? During the campaign, he claimed he had to wait because of some audit being conducted by the IRS, although that now clearly appears to be one of his many lies. Don’t thoughtful Republicans want to see what Trump has hiding under his bed?

And why is his past conduct with a stripper which resulted in money being paid to buy her silence any less reprehensible than President Clinton’s conduct while in office? Remember how Trump brought women who claimed to have a relationship with our former president to his debates with Hillary?

Furthermore, I’m sure I’m not the only one left shaking my head over the actions of Republicans who are now trying to claim that many Democratic presidential candidates are endorsing Socialism. Have they been completely blind to our President’s cozying up to Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent who now leads Russia? If any presidential candidate should be accused of becoming cozy with communism, it is President Trump who proudly took Putin at his word at their embarrassing encounter at Helsinki. And rather than apologize, Trump did the same thing after meeting in Hanoi with North Korea’s Supreme Commander. Lastly, Republicans continue to ignore his refusal to condemn the leader of Saudi Arabia for authorizing the execution of a Washington Post columnist.

But things don’t stop there when it comes to our President. While he actively encourages Americans to hate both Muslim and Hispanic immigrants in the name of national security, tens of thousands of Americans are shot and killed every year by other Americans because we do nothing about addressing our national firearms problems. Mr. Trump and his Republican colleagues continue to do the bidding of the NRA and it is mind numbingly offensive that they loudly endorse the Right to Life Movement while thereafter asserting that this right ends with birth.

However, the tragedy of President Trump is reflected by the change in the Republican party. Look at what the Republicans have done in Indiana by ensuring that we are one of only five states without a Hate Crimes Law. Representative Bosma and his colleagues act as if they are zombies who woke up after being bitten by a vampire bat named Trump in their sleep.

While I would gladly go on, let me end by noting how the Republican party and its conservative sycophants on Fox News and local stations like WIBC here in Indianapolis abandon their principles in the name of worshipping at the alter known as Trump. We all know that during the entire Obama administration this group of politicians and conservative mouthpieces regularly condemned any public spending that would add to the national debt. You know that and so do I. Yet with President Trump, they turned a blind eye and endorsed a massive change in the tax law that not only benefitted the wealthy but added over a trillion dollars to our national debt.

Are conservative values only to be pulled out of the closet when a Democrat is President? Doesn’t it matter to most Republicans that our President be held accountable? Do they choose to ignore his proud statement during that past election that the wall on our Southern wall would be paid for by Mexico? Now these Republican American taxpayers are professing to be absolutely happy to have federal money diverted to a needless wall while our government ignores our decaying infrastructure resulting in aging bridges and chuckholes ripping apart many of our streets.

It is time for Republicans to stand up and hold our President accountable. Their silence is deafening.