Firearms Commentary

The one thing that was tragically missing from this past election was the failure of politicians of both parties to note that we live in a war zone from sea to shining sea. Jews are gunned down in a synagogue in Pittsburgh while multiple young people are shot to death in a popular bar in California. It all involves killers having unlimited access to firearms and yet we do nothing.

Every day we wake up here in Marion County and listen to the news of how many Hoosiers were shot last night. While the NRA and its devoted followers tell us that we need guns for our personal protection, there have been several incidences in the past year in surrounding counties involving spousal murder and suicide.

Ironically, while our president and his admirers issue repeated warnings about the dangers related to immigration, it is Americans who are killing Americans. Firearms are the functional equivalent of a plague killing tens of thousands of Americans each year yet our political leaders bury their heads in the sand.

The Second Amendment was written to protect the right to own muzzleloaders and Flintlock rifles. Every other firearm invented since then is subject to meaningful regulation.

How many more decent people have to be sent to their graves before we have the courage to act?