Commentary on Early Voting

How can any Hoosier Republican stand silently by while their party engages in manifest racial discrimination. I’m speaking once again about their unconscionable dedication to deny the expansion of early voting sites in Marion County.

While expanding satellite voting access to largely white counties like Hamilton, Boone, Hendricks and Johnson, they intentionally do all that they can to deny Marion County black voters access to the polls. Does their definition of “making America great again” really mean “making it white again?”

Absentee voting in Marion County has declined by 26% since 2008. The Republican party knows that there is one reason for this, namely gaining easy access to the City-County Building here in Indianapolis, the only satellite location in our county. Unlike the surrounding counties, there is no free parking in the Indianapolis downtown area, and the sad reality is that numerous voters can’t afford to exercise their right to vote.

The bottom line is that I call upon Hoosier Republicans to demand that Governor Holcomb, Speaker of the House Bosma and the three candidates running for the Senate demand that this racial bigotry end. Silence means approval, and it is time that they be held accountable.