Commentary on Pence and Forgiveness

First of all, let me congratulate Susan L. Gerhart for her wonderful Letter to the Editor appearing on October 16th. However, in noting that Governor Pence puts party before his Christian religion, she left out one important point.

On the one hand, while Pence cites his Christian principles in forgiving presidential candidate Donald Trump concerning his recent insulting sexual attack on women, he refuses to pardon a wrongfully convicted Hoosier. How odd that he can wrap his religious arms around Trump based solely on a quick apology yet deny a pardon to Keith Cooper, an innocent man who spent years in prison.

Furthermore, based solely on Pence’s Christian beliefs, why doesn’t he extend pardons to thousands of prison inmates who pled guilty and apologized for their act? Do his Christian principles extend only to the wealthy and powerful as opposed to the poor and uninfluential?