Commentary by Hammerle

Quite frankly, I think the recent quote from former governor Mitch Daniels tells far more about the state of the Republican Party than he cared to reveal. Claiming that he could have defeated Mitt Romney and secured the last Republican nomination for President that he then expected to lose. He dismissed Democrats as a group of “monolithic black and strongly liberal voters”. This comment is far more insulting to him than anyone else.

First and foremost, it reflects an elitist view of many self-described conservatives that it’s either his way or the highway. They embrace a self-righteous philosophy that dismisses all opponents as empty-headed liberals. Contemplating the 1920s and the first decade of the 21st century, when has their anti-government, free market approach done anything but lead this country into an economic abyss?

Though they worship the memory of President Reagan, they object to President Obama’s attempt to tax capital gains at the same rate as their idol. Dismissing blacks as monolithic, Mr. Daniels embraces a party led and supported by aging, white males. They want to spend taxpayers’ dollars on the Keystone Pipeline while refusing to pay taxpayers’ dollars on national infrastructure that would help the middle class.

While ignoring any meaningful attempt to address the growing income inequality between the wealthy and the average American, they oppose raising the minimum wage, seek to reduce food stamps, ignore the dire consequences of climate change while cozying up to the NRA as thousands of Americans are gunned down yearly. No wonder Mr. Daniels doesn’t have the time to take responsibility along with Governor Pence for the BMV fiasco costing Hoosier taxpayers millions.

Conservatives like Mr. Daniels forget what Republican President Eisenhower did with federal money to help build our interstate highway system. They also forget that the EPA was established under President Nixon while Medicare was expanded under the second President Bush. Furthermore, need they be reminded that the dreaded SEC was born under President Teddy Roosevelt?

Blacks and liberals don’t rewrite history, Mr. Daniels, they remember it. If you’re really concerned about who is monolithic in our political culture, I suggest that you and your friends look at the reflection seen in your mirror.