Oscar Nominated Short Films 2015 – Animation

While my Oscar predictions will soon follow, let me simply say that Feast is a certain winner in this category.

The FeastOnce again, the Oscar nominated short films, both animated and live action, hit Indianapolis for a couple of weeks. I’m delighted that these films find a theater, although it only dramatizes the sad reality that praised films like Still Alice, Mr. Turner and nearly all the Oscar nominated foreign films have yet to arrive.

With the notable exception of two films, the remaining nominated animated films have little merit. Me and my Moulton, a release from Norway, does little more than describe a family in 1965 where three sisters long for a bike. Centering on a father who is blind in one eye and possesses the lone regrettable mustache in their small Norwegian village (Mortdecai revisited?), it tells a small story about family love and disappointment.

The UK film, The Bigger Picture, is a depressing little story about two brothers dealing with an aging mother who is facing death. It focuses on one philosophy of life, namely you have sex until you are 40 and then face death. While I will leave A Single Life from the Netherlands deservedly alone without comment, that leaves two films that are worth seeing.

Both are from the US and one is entitled The Dam Keeper. It focuses on an animal kingdom where a small, unkempt creature is responsible for making sure that a windmill keeps operating so that darkness doesn’t cover the adjoining town.

The  little animal in question, who resembles a porcupine without quills, is made fun of by all other creatures, and he eventually discovers a friend in the person of a small female fox who loves to draw. This is a film about the meaning of decency and friendship.

However, the film that stands out is Feast, which only lasts six minutes. It is made by the Disney Studios, and who would have ever thought that they had talent to produce great animated films?

In summary, it tells a beautiful story about a hungry puppy rescued by a young guy from the streets that soon embraces voracious eating as his goal in life. When the man who rescues him is crushed when the love of his life walks out on him, the little dog plays a central role in reuniting everyone.

It is a heartwarming film in every respect, and you need to see it if possible. On the other hand, it accompanied Big Hero 6 as a companion film, so you may be one step ahead of your friends.

Me and My Moulton

The Bigger Picture

A Single Life

The Dam Keeper