Climate Change

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

As a dedicated perennial gardener, I can’t understand how anyone can arbitrarily dismiss the problems caused by climate change. How can people so willingly continue to bury their heads in the sand and reject the obvious?

Simply stated, is it accidental that Indianapolis enjoyed weather in the 50’s throughout the month of February, particularly over the time of the Super Bowl? When have we ever had daffodils bloom as a group in March, only to largely disappear by the first of April? As we walk around in shorts, why do nurseries continue to wait until the first of May to stock

Put another way, if the dramatic change in our weather patterns are “normal”, why are nurseries completely vacant when it comes to selling all types of perennials, much less hanging baskets? In other words, it might seem like Spring bordering on Summer, but they’re not about to bet the loss of their business on it. They more than anyone know that something has been profoundly altered regarding our weather patterns, and it is foolish not to follow their lead.

In denying climate change, it is amazing how people want to embrace those in history who condemned both Copernicus and Galileo for having the audacity to suggest that the Earth rotated around the sun rather than what their religious beliefs had taught for centuries. To deny the reality of climate change isn’t much different than rejecting Columbus’ voyage on the theory that the Earth is flat. Human beings have been tragically wrong when forced to confront scientific evidence that made them uncomfortable. For those who continue to reject climate change, have them go out and take a large loan and immediately plant a lawn full of Impatiens and Geraniums. The fact that you cannot find a single nursery that would let you lose your family fortune should tell you something.