Albert Nobbs

Could this possibly be any good?

Albert NobbsWhile I must admit that I have yet to see it, there is something inherently creepy about Albert Nobbs. If you’ve seen the previews, Glenn Close falls far short of projecting herself as a man, and you are left to assume that the people employing her must have been complete functional idiots.

More to the point, if this film has so much going for it, why was it only released to two (2) theaters here in Indianapolis during its first week, and then reduced to playing on only one screen in an isolated theater one time a day? What does it say about its viability given the fact that the Landmark Art Cinema, the one theater in Indianapolis that plays independent films, refused to make it available on any of its screens?

Furthermore, has anyone noticed that it has been effectively moved from all screens here in Indianapolis? Something is wrong somewhere. How can this movie be nominated for anything when it is fundamentally rejected by the public? Equally disturbing is the way the film apparently treats its Lesbian stars. From what I understand, the characters played by both Ms. Close and Janet McTeer apparently have been forced into their lives of living as men because they were abused as children. If that is really the message of this movie, I find it all but impossible to justify seeing it at any time.

Finally, while I have already ranted at many of the Oscar nominations this year, what can possibly explain the fact that Ms. Close was nominated for best actress and Janet McTeer received a nomination for supporting actress? Something is wrong somewhere, and I refuse to believe that it is with the general public in this case.

Since my Oscar predictions are coming out soon, I must acknowledge the fact that I will try to see this regrettable movie if that proves remotely possible. Despite my criticisms, there is always something artistically lacking when you choose to leave a film high and dry.

On the other hand, I have already said that I was extraordinarily reluctant to see The Grey if the wolves didn’t win. Here, I can only admit that I am fully prepared to throw something at the screen if the movie purports to show Mia Wasikowska attracted to the goofy, elderly character played by Ms. Close. While I am not remotely making a gender characterization with that remark, I find the whole concept in this case remarkably unclean.