The Devil Inside

Tell me this is not atrocious!

The Devil InsideI don’t care how much money it makes at the box office, I simply have to draw a seldom used line in the sand and not go. From the time of William Friedkin’s classic hit The Exorcist (1973), exorcism has played a major role on the big screen, but The Devil Inside just looks horrendous.

I still remember seeing Friedkin’s The Exorcist, and it was a completely mind numbing event. The entire audience sat unnerved until clamming up in horror as Max von Sydow climbed the stairs to Linda Blair’s room.

And while Linda Blair’s performance as the child of Satan was both ghastly and malevolently entertaining, most subsequent roles have been sad interpretations. Quite frankly, only one film came close to repeating the sinister charm of The Exorcist, and that was Gregory Peck’s chilling The Omen (1976).

Regardless, The Devil Inside is clearly designed to try to hook a younger audience on the modern-day equivalent of Linda Blair since few of them remember the original. And just so I don’t sell myself short, I went to see Anthony Hopkins in The Rite last year, a sophomoric exorcism tale set in Rome where Mr. Hopkins had a chance to reinvent a religious version of Hannibal Lector. While it wasn’t very good, it looked infinitely better than this mess, so you are on your own if you decide to cave and cross the barrier.