Bad Teacher

“Bad Teacher” is simply bad, and that ain’t good. Furthermore, it may qualify as the worst movie of the year, and that is not an exaggeration.

It is a movie advertised as a comedy that is all but devoid of humor.

Bad TeacherCameron Diaz is embarrassing as an allegedly hot, completely self absorbed school teacher whose only goal in life is to find a rich sugar daddy. While it is clear that she is trying to embody the spirit of Billy Bob Thornton in the classic Bad Santa (2003), her attempts come off as lame and borderline pathetic. Thornton brought to his alcoholic thief a sense of honesty, not to mention charm, both of which are lacking in Diaz’s woeful performance. Thornton was a broken down low life, and he didn’t pretend to be anything else, while Diaz is simply vain, shallow and supremely unlikeable.

Quite frankly, the only mildly funny moment in this movie is when Justin Timberlake, who plays a vacuous, wealthy substitute teacher, intentionally sings off key with a pathetic band as he croons an outrageously bad song entitled “Simpatico”. However, that moment soon passes, and you are quickly left with Diaz’s Elizabeth Halsey, a woman that you privately wish would soon die a horrible death so you could mercifully leave the theater

Yes, Jason Segel appears in a bit part as his always likeable “everyman”, but you know where Diaz and he are going from the opening scene. Forgetting Sarah Marshall this movie is not.

So unless you somehow desire to spend money on what is little more than a Cameron Diaz vanity project, I urge you with every fiber of my movie-going being to stay away. You want to laugh, then go see Horrible Bosses.