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Pete’s Dragon

This is the third film that I have seen in a row (Anthropoid and Indignation) that I was left crying at the conclusion.  Am I really a decent movie reviewer or am I… Continue reading

Suicide Squad

I took my Saudi foreign exchange student to see this film, and this was his last week in the States.  At least he can remember why we Americans value artistic mendacity.

Star Trek Beyond

There is a brief moment where one of the Enterprise lads unites with his child and gay partner. George Takei should be proud.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

This is a unique, enthralling movie experience.


Critics continually give Mr. Spielberg’s work an A when some of them deserve a C+. Need I say more?

Swiss Army Man

If you get tired of watching sequel after sequel after sequel, wouldn’t you like to see a creative work of cinematic art?

The Legend of Tarzan

Don’t be misled by critics with a bad attitude.

Independence Day: Resurgence

Will Smith clearly knew something when he declined a role in this cinematic mess.


There is a limited reason why teenage boys are useful companions in public.