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The Suicide Squad

I really liked this film from beginning to end.

Jungle Cruise

Set aside your skepticism. Pretend you’re a kid visiting Disney World for the first time.

The Green Knight

One of the most profoundly disappointing movies I have ever seen.

Black Widow

Put Vin Diesel in this movie and call it “Fast and Furious 10”.


This is a film that gives an emotional meaning to the old phrase “a fish out of water,” with an ending that will bring a Hammerle tear to your eye.


Widely entertaining, you’ll never see a better film dominated by two wicked women!

Raya and The Last Dragon

This joyful film is Disney at its best.


A twisted version of Nomadland.

News of the World

This is one of those films that ends with most of you smiling as you murmur, “I really liked that movie.”

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