She Said

It joins Catherine called Birdy as the best over-looked films of 2022.

She Said

This is a film that all women should see even if you are not a movie fan. It tells the story of two female New York Times journalists who publish a report exposing the sexual misconduct of the powerful Hollywood magnate Harvey Weinstein, and in the process launch the #metoo movement.

Zoe Kazan and Carey Mulligan do a tremendous job playing the reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey. Both married with children, they have great husbands that let them travel to do interviews with a long list of Weinstein’s victims.

They discovered that Weinstein and his Miramax subordinates bought off his victims by having them sign non-disclosure agreements. While they received payments, in most cases their personal and professional lives were ruined.

Ironically, both Ms. Kantor and Twohey were haunted by the lackluster public response when they exposed Donald Trump’s sexual misconduct. Would the reaction afterward to Weinstein’s lecherous, ghastly misbehavior be any different?

But thanks to several brave women who decided to risk everything and go public in the Times story, Weinstein was held accountable. With convictions in both New York and California, he is likely to spend his life in prison.

This is a significant film that allows all women to rise from the shadows and bring meaningful attention to the subject of sexual assault and harassment in the workplace. Weinstein has been condemned to hell on earth and others should join him.

Let’s stop pretending that all women are treated as equals to men in the workplace. Keep the #metoo movement on society’s front burner.